Summer is the perfect time to catch a FREE planetarium show!


[Nick, the planetarium projector, putting his best face forward in a selfie]

The Copernican Planetarium and Observatory is open year-round! Our next FREE public planetarium shows are Saturdays June 17 and July 1 at 8 PM. Afterwards, if the skies are clear you are invited to view the real night sky through a variety of instruments. Consult our webpage for more information.


Take Your Child to Space Day!


[Attendees of the CCSU Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day examine real space rocks!]

Children and grandchildren of CCSU employees explored space from the comfort of the Geological Sciences Department on April 27. In addition to handling meteorites, children made UV-bead bracelets, examined spectra via diffraction glasses, and made star finders to bring home.

Simsbury Public Library talk on The Stars of Middle-earth

Many people don’t realize that fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkien was, well, a bit obsessive when it came to getting right the astronomical detail in his tales of Middle-earth. This often led to difficulties, delays, and contradictions. The Simsbury Public Library is hosting a free public talk on Monday, March 27 (6:30 PM) by our own Dr. Kristine Larsen on J.R.R. Tolkien’s Tumultuous Love Affair with Astronomy. For more information, see the library’s website.

Free planetarium show on March 4

Our next regularly scheduled free public planetarium show is on Saturday, March 4. The show begins at 8 PM, rain or shine, and afterwards if the skies are clear please join us for observing of the real night sky through a variety of telescopes. The show focuses on the history of manned flight as well as the current night sky, and is open to all ages (although we recommend that children be ages 7 or up). For more information, please consult our website. Hope to see you there!